List of Polish EdTech Companies

Company name
Company name: Coders Lab
Type: IT education

Coders Lab is the largest IT school in Poland with over 5.5 thousand graduates. Over 80% of them found their first job in IT within three months after completing the course.

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Field: University
Company name: CyberSkiller
Type: Edtech, game-based learning, IT education, Software

The CyberSkiller platform is an online platform for remote teaching of IT subjects within virtual laboratories shared in the cloud.

The platform consists of:

– hundreds of online, cloud-based, ready-made, practical classes;
– up to date subject modules: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, programming;
– access to the educational platform during classes anytime, anywhere;
– game-based learning;
– individual laboratory for each student;
– teaching materials in the form of video and pdf materials;
– automatic checking of completed tasks;
– practical and automatic methods of verifying the implementation of learning outcomes;
– infrastructure stability thanks to its transfer to cloud computing;
– individualization of the teaching process thanks to video materials presenting the way of solving the tasks;
– tasks for primary and secondary schools in line with the core curriculum.

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Field: Extracurricular, School, University
Company name: Lofi Sp.z o.o.
Type: Hardware

LOFI Robot is an educational robot construction set based on lasercut wooden construction blocks and open source electronics.

Url: Site
Field: Preschool, School
Company name: Musicon
Type: Edtech, Hardware

Musicon is a Polish product designed to develop the key skills of the 21st century. It teaches programming and composing from the age of 3. It has been awarded in Poland and around the world. Thanks to the simplicity of operation, it brings passion for STEAM education. It also removes barriers in education. What’s more Musicon is successfully used in therapy.
We educate and support teachers and therapists and promote good practices in education based on NVC principles. Musicon aims not only to help in childrens development, but also to facilitate the work of teachers and therapists.

Url: Site
Field: Extracurricular, Preschool, School
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