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Dear Sirs and Madames,

Thank you for attending the I EdTech Poland Forum. We appreciate that so many of you took interest in our initiative and we are looking forward to developing our concept of edtech in Polish education.

Due to many interesting notions shared by our speakers we would like to invoke some of the most memorable.

The Forum began with a speech by the Foundation President Mateusz Rybiński, who talked about the origins of partnership, which transformed into an idea of starting the Foundation, when in various continents, agents connected with edtech were always discussing one issue- strong Polish EdTech.

After a short welcoming speech Krzysztof Domaradzki from Forbes told us a story of his own journey of education which led to reflecting on how important edtech is for students personal investment. He also told us why a business magazine gives so much attention to a rising branch and how Polish edtech grew so big that it can compete confidently to be one of the most dynamic, keeping in mind that the goals of the branch are of no less importance.

Then Rafał Lew-Starowicz from the Ministry of National Education in Poland, talked about his observations about the dynamics of edtech development in Poland, especially in the time of a pandemic. Like the previous speaker he took notice of how fast Polish edtech companies are developing and of their huge potential. He stressed how important the initiave of EdTech Poland is for promoting Polish technologies on the international market. The Ministry takes interest in partnership with the Foundation, to promote Polish innovation among agents involved in Polish schooling as well as foreign ministries.

In the next presentation, the Vice President of the Foundation Maciej Mazurkiewicz Jr gave a short speech on product synergy and its influence on the sales potential basing his experience on the partnership between Funtronic and Photon companies. He was followed by Karol Górnowicz, the President of Skriware, who shared his experience of start-up - corporate colaboration, together with Wiktoria Przybysz from Microsoft, who told us about how her company invests in upcoming businesses.

In the last exhibition Mateusz and Maciek took the floor once again to tell us about goals of the Foundation, which first and foremost creating a community in Polish EdTech branch, to build its strength, search of product synergy and a global promotion of the branch. They mentioned plans for the nearest future including the upcoming event(branch meet-up) will be organized soon- hopefully offline.

We hope that you found our initiative to be appealing and exciting. We invite you to contact us, especially companies, that are interested in a lasting partnership with the Foundation. Any notions and remarks regarding possible future actions are highly appreciated.

If you would like to appear on the list of partner companies, we invite you to fill the form under this link: link


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