Educational support for Ukraine

Educational support for Ukraine

Poland responded dynamically to the war in Ukraine by offering assistance to refugees. Also in the field of education, a number of activities have been undertaken to support people in Ukraine residing in Poland. 

Educational support from the Ministry of Education and Science

The Ministry of Education and Science has introduced measures to ensure that Ukrainian students have the right to continue their education in a Polish schools. Every child between the ages of 7 and 18 can attend a Polish school. In order to enroll a child for classes, parents need only to report to the institution and fill out the appropriate documents. 

A big problem among Ukrainian students in Poland is lack of knowledge of the language. Therefore, for those students who do not know the Polish language sufficiently to be able to benefit from education, the school principal may organize additional Polish language classes. The school may also establish a preparatory division, in which the teaching will be adapted to the student's abilities and needs. A student may also use the assistance of a Ukrainian-speaking person employed as a teacher's assistant, as well as additional remedial classes (in the scope of subjects taught) organized by the school authority.

Ukrainian students have also been given the opportunity to continue their studies at Polish universities. Those interested must apply for admission to study. Each university determines its own procedures for transferring from a foreign university. The Ministry has set up a hotline for Ukrainian students of medical and medical-dental faculties, through which those interested can receive information about the possibility of continuing their education.

Additionally, Ukrainian teachers are employed in Polish schools. Local governments are creating databases to collect data on Ukrainian teachers who want to work in Polish schools. Such persons are employed as teacher's assistant and must know Polish to the extent necessary to help.

Educational assistance from the Polish edtech industry

In order to support Ukrainian refugees, the Polish edtech industry has launched a number of activities to help develop the education of Ukrainians in Poland. For this purpose, articles, lesson plans, and guides were prepared on topics such as group, classroom, and school integration, intercultural support, and adaptation and psychological support for people from Ukraine.

Many companies also offered free language courses.  One of them is Tutlo, which organizes free Polish language lessons for Ukrainian children and adults.Companies offer other forms of language learning - such as webinars or Polish-Ukrainian phrasebooks. Such a solution was introduced by EI System, which created a dictionary of the most common phrases in Ukrainian in both phonetic and audio forms, which was designed for teachers who want to break the first language barrier with Ukrainian children.

Skriware has prepared free workshops in schools and day care centers hosting Ukrainian children, using robots, 3D printers and building blocks. EdTech Poland Foundation in cooperation with partners offered logistic support and space in offices in Sosnowiec, Łódź, Białystok, Toruń, Wrocław for Ukrainian employees who need space to continue their work.

Polish edtech companies donate equipment and supplies to schools and institutions hosting refugees. An example of such activities is the support of Ustroń Health Resort, which hosts children from war areas. Aktin, thanks to cooperation with other companies, created a space for learning, playing and resting.


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